main goal

Our goal is to lower the very high unemployment rate in Hawa-Dembaya and help its people to get access to jobs r will enable them to care of their own future.


This is what we have done

During the construction of the power plant, priority was given to the employment of the local workforce: a maximum of 560 people were employed on site, of which 381 being local. During operations, 58 people are employed at the plant, of which 55 local.

Our next job creation project is aimed at providing 200 women of Hawa-Dembaya a fertile and irrigated piece of land that will allow them to grow vegatables and fruits for their own food needs and for selling on the market. Together with an engineering team of GIZ (German cooperation) we are studying to equip a piece of land of 4 hectares in Hawa-Dembaya with a sustainable irrigation system. Once the irrigation infrastructure is in place and the land is fenced, we will be able to provide 200 pieces of land of 200m2 each on which 200 women will be able to work and grow vegetables and fruits. Our medium term goal is to provide for enough irrigated land that will allow for a year-round food growing self-sufficiency for the people of Hawa-Dembaya.

We also encourage the young people community of Hawa-Dembaya to bring forward sustainable economic development projects that need start-up finance.  

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