main goal

Our main goal is make available and improve the health care facilities and services in Hawa-Dembaya:

  • Zero preventable child and mother death at birth ;
  • Ambulance service for emergencies to Bamako and to transport mothers to the dispensaries ;
  • Upgrading of the dispensary and maternity wards ;
  • Regular doctor visits (at least 3 days/week) ;
  • Permanent service of 3 nurses

This is what we have done

  • The dispensary and maternity ward of Médine have been upgraded (see picture below). Thanks to sponsoring from Hospital without Borders and the Rotary E-club Belgium 1, the dispensary and maternity ward has been provided with modern equipment (Ultrasound & laboratory equipment, beds, etc ..), electricity and running water.
  • Albatros is paying for the regular visits of a doctor and the permanent employment of 3 nurses in Médine.
  • Thanks to our Sponsors (Redox Power Solutions, Hogan Lovells, Linklaters, IFU and BWSC) we have been able to acquire a 4×4 ambulance in April 2019 for the community of Hawa-Dembaya. A 24/24h ambulance service is put in place and is run by the maintenance team of the Albatros power plant


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