main goal

Our goal is to provide clean, accessible drinking water to all of the people of Hawa-Dembaya. It will benefit all families and most of all mothers and children who usually are the ones who are tasked with finding potable water. In a second step, we would like to develop an irrigation plan to increase the food supply, job creation and add further income.

    This is what we have done

    • Albatros has developed a Water Master Plan for the Hawa-Dembaya community. The Master Plan let to the conclusion that 6 new wells needede to be drilled and 12 existing ones will need rehabilitation. IFU (Danish Government) has agreed to participate in this initiative. The first boreholes have been drilled (see photo 2).
    • A Water Maintenance team consisting of five local community members has been formed and trained to be in a position to maintain the manual pumps. They will also be participating in maintaining the existing wells.
    • Water Management Boards for the different villages has been set up, Financial maintenance contribution with the users is agreed upon before the wells are put in operation.
    • The water is regularly tested by an independent laboratory for its drinking quality.


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