The Albatros Energy IPP power plant is located in Hawa-Dembaya, a commune of ten villages, with approximately 10’000 inhabitants.

From the start of the project, it has been the focus of the development team not just to build a power plant and provide reliable and affordable electricity, but to create a positive sustainable impact for the surrounding community.

The Albatros CSR projects are developed in close consultation with the community and its strategic development plan. The people of Hawa-Dembaya are providing manpower and an adequate financial contribution for project maintenance. It is our belief that this will ensure a sustainable sense of ownership.

By researching independent case-studies, interviews with CSR specialist, base-line field studies in Hawa-Dembaya and in-dept exchanges with the community members and its representatives, the following pillars for Albatros’ CSR activities have been identified

Basic Health, Maternal & Child Healthcare

Our main goal is make available and improve the health care facilities and services in Hawa-Dembaya:

  • Zero preventable child and mother death at birth ;
  • Ambulance service for emergencies to Bamako and to transport mothers to the dispensaries 

Water & Sanitation

Our goal is to provide clean, accessible drinking water to all of the people of Hawa-Dembaya. It will benefit all families and most of all mothers and children who usually are the ones who are tasked with finding potable water. In a second step, we would like to develop an irrigation plan to increase the food supply, job creation and add further income.

    Basic Education & Training

    Our goals are to rehabilitate the school building of Médine (roofing, electrification, reconstruction of the courtyard, sanitation, etc.), ensure that every child can attend school, improve the pass rate and identify employment possibilities.

      Economic Development & Job Creation

      Our goal is to lower the very high unemployment rate in Hawa-Dembaya and help its people to get access to jobs that will enable them to care of their own future.

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