Unique Elements & Firsts

  • First IPP in Mali. Proven to be ground breaking for other energy projects in Mali and vital for the development of the renewable sector, which needs base load for stabilising the grid.
  • The first Islamic financing (Ijara) for a private project in a francophone and sub-Saharan African jurisdiction governed by French Law in combination with conventional financing. Financed by a currency mix of Euros and FCFA.
  • First IPP in Francophone Africa where the debt service reserve account is guaranteed by a partial guarantee provided by GuarantCo.
  • First regional financing backed-up by the Danish export credit agency (EKF) allowing the regional finance institution to match the loan tenor of the international Lenders.
  • First Post-war infrastructure project – crucial for the economic development and energy poverty reduction. First significant infrastructure project after the conflict in 2012.
  • Malian ownership combined with international know how: the local involvement and local partnerships are a key reason for the success of this project which combines the skills and experience of a local businessman (Amadou Sow), an international energy expert (Koenraad Beckers) and an experienced project finance expert (Ruth Beckers).

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