Individuals safety, respect for others and the environment are the sine qua non of our operations and the operation of the 90 megawatt (MW) thermal power station in Kayes. This translates into strict compliance with the laws in force in Mali and our own procedures. . Our power plant, equipped with 6 Caterpillar engines, is among the most efficient in the world in terms of consumption (less than 192.5 grams of fuel per kWh), thus allowing compliance with the most recent international standards. Working at Albatros Energy Mali is the assurance of finding a multicultural environment offering the right balance between professional and personal life.



Working at Albatros Energy Mali is the opportunity to grow and shape your career !

Our employees benefit from continuous development of their skills and are encouraged to go beyond organizational boundaries. Indeed, the training programs followed by our employees are adapted as closely as possible to their needs and we create the favorable ground for surpassing oneself.



The aim of excellence is a culture that inspires our employees. It is the state of mind of our teams and subcontractors which consists in applying the right tools to the right processes in order to create continuous improvement within our organization. For example, we built our plant in a record time of 15.5 months. As a result, we have been awarded numerous international distinctions rewarding the innovative nature of our financial package, the speed of construction and the quality of the work.



Our CSR (Corporate Social Responsibility) commitment is a lever contributing to the development of the localities surrounding the power plant. Thus, in close collaboration with the communities of Hawa-Dembaya, we have developed several projects such as renovating, equipping a health center, recruiting a doctor and nurses while taking in charge of their salaries. We funded the purchase of an ambulance and the establishment of an associated service. We also trained and equipped seamstresses with new sewing machines at the start of the COVID pandemic, to make ten thousand masks that we graciously distributed to each inhabitant of the locality of Hawaii Dembaya. Finally, we have, always with the support of the communities, provided access to drinking water to ten thousand people.



This is the first independent energy project initiated by Malians (PIE or “IPP”) to supply the national grid in Mali and increase the installed base power in Mali by 25%. This is the opportunity given to 780,000 additional Malian households to access electricity.



A major player in the energy sector, Albatros Energy Mali does not limit its radius of action to the supply of electricity. We are involved as prime contractor in work to strengthen the national network (lines, substations, capacitor banks). In addition, on July 1, 2021, we will deliver a hydrocarbon analysis laboratory offering tests that were previously only possible outside the African continent.



Big ideas are the engine of development. More than our mission as an electricity producer, our duty is to help propel Mali in a responsible manner from an economic, environmental and social standpoint. By offering a secure supply of electricity, at the cutting edge of technology, we improve the daily life of Malians and everywhere in Mali, from the schoolchild who does his homework in the evening to the seamstress with an electric machine through the seller of ice cream “loaves”. We also participate very actively in the development of the industrial sector by providing it with the energy it needs.

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