A backpack full of potential

Albatros school kits are giving children in the community of Hawa-Dembaya the tools to focus on their future.

In 2019, Albatros Energy Mali organized an indepth study to investigate why the school results of the students of Hawa-Dembaya were under the national average. The study showed that only one out of six students had access to schoolbooks and as such could not study or prepare properly for their exams.It came to our attention that there were on average six students studying from a single book in the class and when there was homework to be done, sharing became difficult as children live in different villages. The students often wrote their test by memorizing from the blackboard.

To help improve the current conditions , to reduce dropout rates among children whose families are struggling to make ends meet and to provide a much-needed sense of normalcy – Albatros Energy and its partners organized a charity Gala to gather the funding for the schoolbooks. The Charity Gala was held on the 1st November 2019 at the Azalai hotel, where the team was honored to host an amazing evening attended by 230 guests and friends. With all the proceeds of the Gala, we were able to purchase the various books and registered them. A volunteer created the central registry, packed the books for the various classes and delivered them to the various schools of the community of Hawa-Dembaya.

In total 7’740 books were distributed to the students.

The joy of receiving the books was visible on the faces of the students and their parents.

Says Yerorou BARRY HSE Manager Albatros Energy

Up to date, 1800 students in the community of Hawa-Dembaya have a book allowing them to study at home and score better marks. Moreover, Teachers are no more obliged to copy the text on the board.

From November 26th – December 10th, 2019, the community of Hawa-Dembaya was a fi eld of joy, happiness and hope for a better tomorrow by the free distribution of schoolbooks to all schools in the commune by our partner Albatros Energy Mali. They care about the future of our children. Before the donation of these books, many children had none and now they each have received books for every subject. We are very very happy.

SaysMakan Sy, Director Coordinator of Hawa-Dembaya’s schools

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