A Green environment for a better future

At Albatros Energy, we are dedicated to creating a healthier climate, protect biodiversity, help reforestation efforts and make life easier for the community of Hawa-Dembaya.

In 2018, 2600 Arabic Gum trees were planted on 6.5 hectares on the south side of the power plant, the goal being to create a biotope in the near future.

The first Arabic Gum tree planted by Albatros Energy Mali

“Acacia gum” also called “Arabic gum” is used in the food industry (flavors and emulsifiers like in the production of soft drinks, gum drops), industrial products (binder for paints, protection of prints and photos) and pharmaceutical products (digestive troubles, sore throat, weight-loss) to name a few. There is a wide use of the product and interest in the market.

From an environmental point of view, research has shown that the tree is among the nitrogen fixing trees that absorb the gas from the atmosphere and transform it in the soil into nitrogen that other plants depend on. Such trees are therefore valuable natural fertilizers. The roots of these trees spread wide and deep in the ground, and that makes them extremely resistant to drought, helping protect soil from desertification and land erosion. The Arabic gum production has shown to be an income-generating activity not only promote economic development through higher incomes, but also to secure rural livelihoods, empower vulnerable groups, including women, and promote synergies with natural resource management and climate change mitigation.


Up to date, a total of 4700 Arabic Gum trees were planted in the community of Hawa-Dembaya.  Moreover, Albatros Energy created a small nursery to provide training to the local community for them to understand the benefits of the Arabic Gum trees and its impact on the environment. Albatros Energy made sure that the women of Hawa-Dembaya are included in the project by providing them with a possibility to earn an income by harvesting the trees and selling the product. The exudate from the bark is tapped during the dry season by the women.

We are very happy that this ongoing project has been implemented close to our community of Hawa-Dembaya. With this project, us women of Hawa-Dembaya will be benefitting from the harvest of thesegum trees. This reforestati on is a symbol of hope for us, we can only be thankful
Says Sokona DJIRÉ, Spokesperson of the Women of Hawa-Dembaya

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